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Workshop #4

Thinking skills in an intercultural setting


  • Ronald NOLET, Associate Professor at Ostfold University College, Norway


  • Thinking skills
  • Metacognition
  • Independent learning in an intercultural setting


  •  6 hours


  •  15 (min) - 33 (max)


  • Introduction to the theory and principles (lecture 1 hour)
  • Workshop exercises


Overview    In this workshop participants will be introduced with the principles of an inclusive teaching and learning approach called Thinking Skills.
The purpose is to make students aware of their own thinking processes, and the awareness of the collective benefits that this could have for the classroom. This is essential to increase control over their own thinking processes and to be able to use that in a conscious and systematic manner so to increase their professional development.


The main objective is to develop thinking skills and metacognition.
Metacognition deals about answers to questions such as:
  • What skills do I have?
  • How can these skills contribute?
  • What relation is there between my professional (or academic) knowledge and my intuitive perceptions or everyday knowledge?
  • How do I use my knowledge to solve problems?


After a one hour lecture, participants are placed in groups of three and learn to develop thinking skills for intercultural classrooms. The thinking skill assignments are designed in a manner that takes care of the diverse and different cultures in a classroom, and it will help students to make a positive contribution to the different perspectives the assignments are asking for.


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